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Model CWM-300 (Magnetic Type)
Model CWM-400 (Inverter Type)
Conversion For HDN-4/HDE-4 Loom
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Cirmech Exports is a leading exporter of machineries catering to the raffia HDPE / PP woven sack industry. The export company was formed in 1994 and in a short span of five years has become a leading merchant exporter of machineries, with exports of equipments to diverse countries like Zambia, Malawi, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Tunisia in the African market and to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, U.A.E., Iran, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia and Vietnam in the Asian market. The company has also exported equipment parts to Poland, Denmark and Romania in the European markets.

CLS 6 Loom-1
Circular Loom

Cheese Winder 1.2
Cheese Winder

Loom Conversion for HDN-4 Loom
Loom Conversion

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